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A Niche Market Identification

A natural skincare brand started an adventure in a market that was already saturated with the household names such as:
Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shisheido…

It was impossible for this new line to compete with these giants both financially and production-wise. However, through market research as well as the interactive social media platforms, we were able to accurately identify a potential group of young professional women who had disposable income, were health conscious and were open to a new brand, especially the natural ingredients in the skincare product.

Furthermore, we discovered another potential group of women who were either at the pre-natal or at the nursing stage.  They were aware that certain chemicals might be used in the traditional cosmetics products, so they were seeking products that would mitigate toxic exposure to their babies.

With these powerful data in hand, we assisted our customer to launch a social media campaign specifically targeted the interested groups. A story of how the natural ingredients were harvested in a sustainable way made a huge impact on the market.  An organic, clean image was successfully established.

To better manage the cost, we suggested they use the personal effects import channel. A new policy in that country made duty and tax on personal effects the lowest among all classifications of goods.  Thanks to our knowledge of logistics we made the customer aware of it at an early stage so they could obtain a competitive edge.

Result: HAPPY Customer…