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About Us

Have the next big hit product or service for the international market? If the answer is “YES”, the next step to grow your business is within your reach, let’s chat, please contact us

If you are already in the market, do not say “NO” to us immediately, we will help further streamline the process;

If you are new, do not let other companies have all the fun, let us build a synergy and go there together.

We truly believe “Informed is Empowered”.


Advantage Advisors Group (AAG) offers one-stop shop solutions to our customers, all our customers’ needs are managed under one roof.

Not familiar with the culture and language, we will assist 

Can not establish the marketing strategy, we will assist 

Having issue importing products and distributing, we will assist 

And more …


A: We are here to help your business set up a strong footing in China.

A: Expertise and knowledge of the the International market: we know the language, the culture, and how to get things done in the Chinese business context.

A: Timing is everything. Now is better than ever to develop your international strategy. The important lessons of the global pandemic are to diversify and being resilient, you need to have a diversified supplier base, a diversified supply chain, and a diversified market and they need to be resilient. 

A: I want to share with you some success we had with a few of our customers. The first one was about a Luxury fashion platform, its story is under International Market Expansion on our website under case studies; The second one was about a Prestigious Retail Brand, its story is under Sales Performance Improvement on our website, the third one was about a Natural Skincare Product, its story is under A niche Market Identification on our website.

In addition, we are the extended arm of many Logistics Companies. For instance,  Kuehne + Nagel, doesn’t want heavy infrastructure investment in China.  AAG provides them with our resources, operating as their warehouse provider & distributor & IOR (Import of Record) and more…

A: Variety. Every customer is different. We love creating focused solutions for their specific needs and wants.

A: Brand awareness and logistics. It is crucial to make your brand shine and to have a story to tell. Meanwhile, get your products to reach your customers at the right time and at the right place is the key to build customers’ satisfaction.