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Sales Performance Improvement

A prestigious retailer was selling in an international market, but experiencing “lukewarm sales performance”.

Advantage Advisors Group performed a root cause analysis for the customer and identified two areas they could improve:  

1. Brand Awareness. While our customer is a prestigious, well-known brand in Europe, they lack that visibility in Asia. Considering the nature of the brand, we integrated a two-pronged approach: online and offline marketing campaigns.  A billboard was set up on one of the most prominent streets in the country’s biggest cities and social media platforms were also activated.  Combined, this campaign established a meaningful brand experience for our customer. 

2. Localization.  Localization does not equal translation i.e. simply translating a website to a local language will not satisfy your consumers’ needs.  Our customer entered a market where consumers typically made purchases through their mobile devices rather than PCs and therefore needed a responsive (mobile-friendly) website redesign.  This modification of our customer’s website resulted in a significant improvement for the consumer’s buying experience.

Result: HAPPY Customer…