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International Market Expansion

A luxury fashion online platform wanted to tackle the China market after selling through a few Asian markets.

However, they faced several challenges:  they were not familiar with China’s e-Commerce import regulation; they had a limited marketing budget; they had no physical location in China where they could provide return service for their consumers.

To address the first challenge, Advantage Advisors Group worked with the fashion platform to identify a comprehensive product list that divided them into two groups: one was defined as “issue free” items that would pass through customs without delays, and another was defined as ”sensitive” items that certain limitations would apply to. With this knowledge in hand, our customer is empowered to manage their consumers’ buying experience by calculating the transit time more effectively.

Traditionally, this fashion platform would require a huge marketing budget to effectively penetrate a new foreign market, especially when faced with many unknown factors.  Nonetheless, Advantage Advisors Group managed to launch and execute a successful marketing campaign by utilizing our digital marketing tools on their tight budget.

That campaign enabled this platform to identify their targeted consumers, get to know them, and started to establish relations in a quicker, more cost-effective way.

One of the biggest contributors to a sale is how to deal with a potential buyer’s questions on returns and refunds.  A return policy can make or break a sale.  It can also turn a one-time visitor into a consumer for life. Without a physical location in China, the online fashion platform worried about a negative impact on their return capability and bottom line. Advantage Advisors Group assisted them to identify an ideal location for their consumers to seek consultation and returns.  Additionally, we formed a new model for handling returns which sorts the goods according to categories such as domestic resale, route to third country, and back to origin. Thus, our customer doesn’t have to engage Return to Origin (RTO) for every returned shipment.

Result: HAPPY Customer…